September, 2013

My name’s Pete and my wanderlust runs deep.

At age 15 I left my family’s home in Philadelphia, dropped out of school, and spent several years riding freight trains and hitchhiking all over North America. I worked odd jobs for cash, making just enough to stay afloat and keep traveling. Most nights I slept outside – on beaches, under bridges, in the woods – anywhere I wouldn’t get busted. It was an intense experience and it’s still a big part of who I am today.

California, Age ~16

FullSizeRender (2)

I never got past 9th grade. Instead I enrolled in a junior college, and later transferred to a four year college for a degree. I kept up the hitchhiking and freight-riding throughout, crossing the country several more times and hitchhiking to Alaska to make money in the fisheries. One year, when I got back from Alaska flush with cash, I was in a buddy’s car and we saw an old CB550 for sale on the side of the road. I bought it for $350 and learned to ride just to get it home. That Honda was the first vehicle I ever owned; camping and exploring on a motorbike was a big improvement over hitchhiking.

Life took a turn-for-the-normal after school. The absence of a high school diploma was immediately overshadowed by the presence of a college degree. It turned out I was actually a good student, good enough to land a professional job in downtown Seattle, and ultimately a graduate degree in business as well. While living in Seattle I discovered and fell in love with the Columbia River Gorge, which I’m happy to now call home.

The Gorge


The wanderlust that infected me as a kid has not gone away as I’ve gotten older. Before Andrew and I started Mosko, I took every chance I could to head off to some distant part of the globe, find a motorbike, and get as far off the beaten track as possible.  I had a blast riding through countries like Vietnam, Mexico, Uganda, Colombia, India, Bolivia, Honduras, and more.  Mostly I went alone, and the trips were always unguided, unsupported, and unplanned.  I liked it so much that I decided to make it my life.


A (10192)

Things I love about moto: there are no windows, no doors, no schedules, and no predetermined routes. I feel the temperature, see the sights, and smell the smells in a way that I wouldn’t in a car, bus, or train. When it rains, I’m wet. When it’s hot, I sweat. And it’s a great way to meet people. Pulling into a small town in some far-off place on a bike, people invariably walk right up and introduce themselves. Those introductions lead to all kinds of wacky invitations, which then become the highlights of the trip. Motorcycles are awesome conversation-starters even when you don’t speak the same language.


SAmerica (1354)

For Andrew and I, motorcycles are a way to get deep into the backcountry, find epic campsites, and border-hop through the remotest corners of the world. They’re a way to see places that aren’t seeable any other way. They’re about getting off the pavement and out of the comfort zone: climbing mountains, crossing rivers, and traversing deserts. They’re about scratches, dents, and scars, and the stories behind them. They’re about taking a machine to places I didn’t know we could go. They’re about pushing boundaries.

La Moskitia, Honduras


Starting this business is about pushing boundaries too. I’ve always had strong opinions about moto gear, but until we started this business I didn’t know the first thing about making it. It has been a steep learning curve so far, which is both motivating and scary. Fortunately, Andrew is an extremely talented industrial designer with a ton of experience, so I know we’ll make something cool. But it’s still a big leap for both of us.

This blog tracks our progress,  Hope you enjoy it!

Pete Day
Mosko Moto
White Salmon, WA


6 thoughts on “About

  1. timhallrud

    Hi Guys, my name is Tim Hallrud. I am co-founder of the Portland Motorcycle Film Fest, which went off a couple of weeks ago and sold out both nights at the Hollywood Theatre. While I work for Nike, I am really active in the motorcycling community here. In fact, June 28-July 2, I am putting on the Portland Motorcycle Adventure Fest. I already have a ton of big names in Adventure Biking coming, plus most of the local dealers signed up (and the ones who aren’t I have yet hit up yet). I heard about you through a friend. I love adventure riding – I just rode from Berlin to Croatia and back for almost 4 weeks with my brother in September. Plus,I want to support our local motorcycle vendors and suppliers. Email me at Tim.Hallrud@Nike.com. Here’s a video about me:https://vimeo.com/9148080

    I’ll look forward to talking to you.

  2. Fred

    Hello, I am very interested in purchasing your product when your panniers and bags become available for a gs 800. I admire you guys for trying to improve on the systems out there, keep it up, Fred

  3. garnaro

    hey guys – glad to see some new luggage being developed – bags look great in the pics! I’m also pretty particular about luggage requirements and I haven’t yet found anything that seems just right.

    Currently riding down the west coast of Africa on a DR650 before heading back up the other side. If you need any further field testing do drop me a line http://bugsonmyboard.org

    1. moskomoto Post author

      wow looks like an epic trip! let’s keep in touch on field testing. we’re still a few months out from having inventory. enjoy the ride!


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