24 Hour Response Time!!

Dear Extended Mosko Team,

There was a 4-6 week period in June and early July, right after our big inventory shipment arrived, where we received a large number of customer inquiries and orders all at once.  It was our 10th month in business and we weren’t prepared or staffed for the sudden increase in activity. Some riders had to wait an unacceptably long time to hear back from us and we really, really apologize.

We aspire to be an extremely responsive, transparent, communicative company with fast shipping and a quick turnaround on inquiries and orders. To resolve the issues we experienced in June, we now have a dedicated customer service person on our team – Tiffany Lyn – who works together with Nicole to ensure that every email in the Mosko inbox is answered within 24 hours on business days, and all new orders are processed within 72 hours.

If you prefer to call us, we also have a phone number: 866 (dash) 675 (dash) 3547. We can’t always pick up the phone, but if you leave a message in the general inbox by pressing “1” we will get right back to you. We respond to voicemail within 24 hours, although response times for messages left at individual people’s extensions may vary.

Mosko will always be a work in progress.  We’re working hard to create interesting new products, improve our business systems, and make sure we’re building and delivering the stuff you want. We rely on you, the rider, to test our products out on the trail, think up new product/improvement ideas, and provide direct feedback via our advrider thread, email, and facebook. We’re building Mosko together. So cool.

The overload issues should be behind us now, and if they aren’t, then we trust you’ll let us know. Thanks so much for your help, support, and at times patience!

Tiffany, Nicole, Dusty, Lee, Andrew, Pete


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