My buddy Andrew and I are on a mission to create the best adventure-touring motorcycle luggage on the market. This blog will track our progress.

This is partially about the bags, and partially about building a business.

The adventure begins!



2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Les Thomson

    I am mightily impressed with the sheer amount of thought, trial, dedication and perseverance that you guys have put into producing the absolute best in “soft” moto-bags. The trail to your story is via Adventure Bike Forum to whom I am indebted for this gem of a tale. My supper got cold, my beer got warm and my wife got a bit frosty all because I got completely immersed in the story. The other pleasing aspect is that it has been written in clear, concise English; a rare treat indeed. Me? I,m 71 going on 19 with a cherished 2012 Transalp700. Snow on my roof maybe, but still fire in the boiler! May I wish you all the success you deserve in this great venture.
    Happy Trails !
    Les Thomson. Scotland


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